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What is the best place to practice Personal Watercraft and Jet-Ski ?

What activities do you want to practice on holiday in Frejus and Saint-Raphael ?

Come on, are you helping? From jet ski !

We are the jetski specialists in the area of ​​Frejus and Saint-Raphael: with our recent jets, we propose you according to the levels:

    • Initiations to the use of a jet: in the harbor of the port of Saint-Aygulf or in the bay of Frejus.
      Come alone or with friends to discover our jet-skis safely, under the watchfulness of a instructor-animator, who will show you all the possibilities of jetski: a promise of sensations and unforgettable emotions. You will learn how to drive a jet ski and you will love it !
    • Jets for rent with or without a permit (depending on the type of jetski): for 1 hour or for several hours, come and take your dose of thrills.
      Do you want freedom? Then take a jetski and fly through the waves … finally, sail to the destinations of your dreams (at least those reachable from Fréjus!) And within the limit of the gas tank go and especially return!
      At the wheel of a jetski of 100 hp at 330 hp, you will be able to make beautiful ballads and you will discover the unforgettable sensations of your rides on the Mediterranean, whether with a permit or without (you will sail in this case with a monitor) .
    • Hiking in the direction of Cannes, at the foot of the Estérel or on the other side towards the Massif des Maures to reach Saint-Tropez, Cogolin or Port-Grimaud.
      After a brief on hiking and safety, you can discover our beautiful region by the sea, with or without qualified instructor. Depending on the type of hike, you can have breakfast on the beach of the famous tropezienne, Pampelonne, or take a refreshing dip in the direction of the Red Rocks of the Esterel, beyond Agay and enjoy the wildlife And marine flora. You will discover the sea side of Frejus and Saint-Raphael on our jets skis.

If you want to have fun, have a great time with competent people and smile, take a jet and come and have a good time in the right place.

But did you know that at JetFunEvasion you can practice all the nautical activities you want, not just jet skiing:

    • The flyboard, which will make a lot of jealous when you go take off over the water!
    • The parachute ascentionnel, on the excellent website that you are reading
    • All that is pulled by a boat that goes very fast. Go, let’s mention in bulk: the sofa, bananas, a little air-stream for those who want to take off and finally the fly-fish for the more adventurous.

With all these activities, it is strongly advised to enjoy the water !
We will not lie, the water is wet so plan a swimsuit, but believe me you will leave home with a smile and a desire to come back

At JetFunEvasion, our goal is that you have a great time, and that, we are professionals of the good mood!

Oh … I realized I was about to forgot something ! I did not mention the prices ! Do not tell the competition but we are better. Instead,

    • The 20 minutes of Jetski without a license from 50 €
    • The 20 minutes of Jetski with license from 60 € the SEA-DOO GTI 130cv
    • Hiking from 120 € / hour
    • Gear towed by a boat from 10 € / person

Hello competitors? I can’t hear you

We are waiting for you at our base, right now ! Contact us to rent a jet ski, it’s so easy.

Hey ! Before you come to visit us, check what our clients think about Jet Fun Evasion on TripAdvisor !

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What our real customers say about us

(from real Tripadvisor reviews in english or translated)


The children (14 &16) very much liked the tubing we received discount via the camping st Aygulf
And paid 10 € per person per ride
Money well spend

Ludy G

Best experience on the riviera!

We’ve been traveling to St. Aygulf every summer for the last 15 years, and this summer we had the best experience so far! This was amazing! We first went to a wonderful beach in St tropez to have an amazing breakfast and after we went to cap taillat where we got to experience clearblue water and a wonderful sight. This was four hours of great fun ( to sit on a jet ski and feel the wind and water in your face and hair was priceless!) and we were so happy with the service ( we had an amazing instructor who made us feel safe and guided us through the journey in a fun and secure way) the sights, the breakfast and the jetskis! We will be back next year!

Cathrine G

very good

Very friendly welcome! Thank you for allowing us to bring up the 3 children each their turns to try (off season I precise) 30 minute tour. Jet ski in very good condition and powerful enough to have fun

Gilles B

Very nice sensations

We came to practice for the 2nd time of the jet ski at Jet Fun Evasion and enjoyed it very much. Indeed, the price is reasonable and we could not fault the monitors as they were very friendly and welcoming. Also, the tour was wonderful as we had a beautiful view of the Esterel!