Jet skiing can be a very nice idea for your holiday. It can give you a great experience. Many people who want to make great vacation like to try this vehicle. You can find many places to rent a jet ski. Most companies will guarantee you full satisfaction for your pleasure.

Commonly, a jet ski can be driven by one or two people. You can choose to ride it by yourself or ride it with your friend. If it is your first experience, it is better for you to choose a jet ski for two people.

One of the best companies for Jet Ski rental in Frejus is Jet Fun Evasion. It can be accessed easily from several counties in Frejus. There are beautiful sandy beaches, nearby parks, bars, restaurants, hotel, and ice cream parlors near the Jet Ski base. Your family can enjoy the facilities.

Jet Fun Evasion also provides many models of Jet Ski, like Kawasaki Ultra 310 R, 160cv 15f Kawasaki, 230cv Yamaha sho, Yamaha ho 180cv, sea-doo GTi 130cv, and sea-doo X px 260cv. The price to rent a jet ski is various.

You can choose with or without a license. It will impact the horsepower of the jet ski and its capabilities.

If you rent a jet ski without a license, you need to pay

  • 50 € for each 20 minutes
  • and 70 € for each 30 minutes.

The price for renting with a license is diverse based on the model of the Jet Ski.

  • For Sea-Doo GTi 130, it would cost about :
    • 60 € for every 20 minutes,
    • € 80 € for every 30 minutes,
    • and € 140 € for every 1 hour.
  • If you want to try Yamaha Sho 230 you need to pay :
    • 75 € for each 20 minutes,
    • 95 € for each 30 minutes,
    • and 180 € for each one hour.
  • If you rent a jet ski with Sea-Doo 260 Rxpx model, you should pay :
    • 80 € for each 20 minutes,
    • 120 € for each 30 minutes,
    • or 190 € for each one hour.