Do you really want to drive jet ski? Whenever holiday ends on the beach, the jet ski is the most favorite thing that everyone must want to drive and explore the seaside with high speed. It is indeed not easy if you are a beginner, and it is pretty hard if you have trouble with your adrenaline.

Everyone that wants to drive jet ski should have tough adrenaline and they are not afraid of anything. As you can see that driving jet ski will give you sensational experience especially when you can jump with the ski and get the waves on your body while you are driving. If you are afraid to drive alone, you can practice jet ski with friends. It is recommended to drive with ale friend that has already had the boat license or friend that has been familiar in driving a jet ski. If you want to save budget in learning to drive a jet ski, you can try to practice with your friends. Here are the tips to practice jet ski with friends.

Always follow the safety guideline the most common mistake that beginner usually does and impacts to the dangerous thing in driving jet ski is to ignore the safety guideline, while the most important thing in driving this ski is to keep following the guideline from the instructor. Practicing jet ski with a friend usually gets distracted and then the beginner driver forgets to practice and just enjoy the drive from their friends.

Never do a joking while driving another common mistake when you are practicing jet ski with your friends is always triggered to joke whenever you are together with your friends. Joking can distract the driver’s concentration and it will endanger both lives.

Make sure that as the passenger or newbie in driving Jet Ski, you should keep an eye to surrounding and never gain speed when it is crowded.

Of course, our monitors at Frejus and at Saint-Raphael will give you all the advices to practice our jet skis with total safety, especially important steps to ride a jet ski.